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What is a Website Starter?

A Website Starter is a website template defined for a given domain. You can have Website Starters for conferences, restaurants, photographs, portfolios, etc. A Website Starter defines a fluent layout and a set of Content Slices to accelerate the creation of pages.

Do you provide hosting for Website Starter?

As long as you don't need to modify the Website Starter code, your website will be hosted at However, we don't provide hosting for code-customized Website Starter. In all cases we host your content in a content repository (so no need for database hosting).

Is Website Starter useful for my Web Agency?

Absolutely! Website Starter aims at boosting productivity and enabling creativity for Web Agencies. Unlike classic CMSs, is extremely flexible by design. Web Agencies can define their own Website Starters for different domains (conferences, restaurents, hotels, ..), this provides them with the foundations to rapidly bootstrap their clients projects.

Will you implement Website Starter in other technologies than PHP?

Our focus now is to fine tune the Website Starter experience. Implementations in other technologies will eventually follow. Website Starter code is quite simple and easy to dive in. In any case, we're happy to reference any other proper implementation.

What is a Content Slice?

A Content Slice is a piece of content that you will use to fill a part of a page. Content Slices allow you to define layouts that can be filled by website creators for creating pages. The nice thing about Content Slices is that they do not impose any constraints on design or technology.

Will you help me create/host my own Website Starter?

We'd love to see your works and we'd be glad to help you creating your unique Website Starters, just drop us a line!

What are the available pricing plans for repositories?

Website Starter uses content repositories for hosting content. We offer a free plan for personal use, our professional pricing plans start from $7/mo, please refer to our pricing plans page for more details.

What is is a CMS you don't need to install. It's accessible from any browser (some call this SaaS...) so you don't have to worry about hosting your CMS, making updates or dealing with security issues.

Can I use a custom domain name?

We will add the possibility to point a custom domain name to a prismicwebsite, but for the time being you can dowload the source code and do the hosting yourself.